A New Era Of Magic

Justin Morris is a new magician and street performer on the scene. Showcasing and performing some of the most astonishing effects ever seen in todays genre. Justin is constantly pushing the envelope in every performance to deliver some of the most breath-taking moments in magic and leaving audiences wanting more.

Learn Tricks

The following tricks are actual magic tricks that Justin Morris himself uses in his own performances and are proven to get amazing reactions. After placing your order, you will receive a personalized video from Justin Morris explaining how the trick is done. This video will be emailed to you within 24 hours after purchase.


VooDoo Card Trick
A spectator chooses a card and signs it. The card is then returned somewhere in the deck. The spectator is then asked to draw their selected card on a blank card along with their signature. You tell the audience that this drawn card will act as the voodoo doll to their chosen and signed card, and that whatever happens to this card should also magically happen to the original. You ask the spectator how you should destroy their drawn card (tearing it and burning it for example). Once this is done to their drawn card, you fan out the deck and their signed card is now torn and burnt. Now enjoy the reactions.

Restored Card In Lemon
A spectator chooses a card from the deck. The magician tears the card in half a couple of times and gives one piece to the spectator before burning the rest. The magician then displays a lemon that can be fully inspected to contain no cuts or holes. The magician (or the spectator) cuts into the lemon with a knife. Upon opening the lemon up completely, a card is revealed inside. After the card is taken out of the lemon and unfolded, it appears to be the spectators card with only one piece missing. The piece the spectator is holding matches perfectly. This trick draws great reactions from the crowd.