A New Era Of Magic

Justin Morris is a new magician and street performer on the scene. Showcasing and performing some of the most astonishing effects ever seen in todays genre. Justin is constantly pushing the envelope in every performance to deliver some of the most breath-taking moments in magic and leaving audiences wanting more.

About Justin Morris

Born on October 7th 1986, Justin grew up on a small farm in northwestern Pennsylvania, far from any live venues or magic shop. One day, he saw a TV special from the legendary David Copperfield. "It blew me away", Justin said. "It was my first introduction into the art of magic and I think what I loved so much was how you can take the audience on a journey, allow them to suspend their disbelief".

Justin began learning and practicing routines in his bedroom until he had them perfected. He would often perform in the living room for his Mother. "I had to tell her that if she ever saw something, she needed to tell me so that I can get better at it, but she never did". Justin would spend hundreds of dollars on magic props and tricks. "When they arrived in the mail it was like christmas to me. I couldn't wait to learn the secret, and go amaze anyone that would be willing to watch".

As Justin got older, he would begin to do gigs at resturants, bars, benefits, weddings, and birthday parties. "I started out doing stuff for free because I needed to just get my name out there. Those first few years I made the majority of my money in tips. "I absolutely love performing for people so I kind of got lost in it".

It wasn't until one day when Justin had an idea for an illusion so grand, that he got the public response that he had been wanting. "I had this idea of the audience holding hands around a car in the middle of a parking lot, covering the car and then having that car disapear. It was a complicated trick to pull off, but we managed to pull it off and that kind of kick-started everything".

Justin began getting booked all over the place as news spread of his amazing illusion. "It was amazing. To finally be looked at as kind of a big thing in Magic was a dream come true". Justin recently moved to his first large city where he resides today, El Paso TX. "Its kind of a big deal because I have to kind of re-establish myself all over again. it is a large city compared to what I am used to, yet there isn't really much in the area as far as magicians, magic shops, or street performers".

Justin is available for booking by emailing booking@justinmorrislive.com


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